Boxing Gloves


Crafted from the finest leather for boxing gloves in the world, boasts unparalleled durability, ensuring they withstand the most rigorous training sessions without compromising performance. Eastern Block Boxing customized design is superior to wear and tear, providing long-lasting reliability.



These white boxing gloves feature a contoured shape and pre-curved design that conforms naturally to the hand, delivering a snug and secure fit. The plush padding and hand-molded foam provide exceptional comfort and support, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of hand injuries.


Enhanced Protection and Shock Absorption: Equipped with multi-layered foam padding, Eastern Block Boxing gloves offer maximum shock absorption.

Breathable and Sweat-Wicking: Engineered for breathability, these gloves feature ventilated mesh panels and moisture-wicking lining that promote airflow and keep your hands cool and dry, even during extended workouts. 

Sleek Design and Premium Finish: Combining style with functionality for maximum effectiveness, these white boxing gloves feature a sleek and stylish design with meticulous attention to detail, designed by Eastern Block Boxing owner, Salman Poddubnov. The embossed logo and contrasting accents add a touch of sophistication, making a statement both inside and outside the ring.


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