Safe, Fun and educational Kids Boxing Classes in Studio City, Los Angeles. Limited spots available!

$200 for 8 classes per month. That is 2 classes per week, No Added CostS.

boxing for 4 to 11 year olds near me in Sutdio City. Inquire today & Save.

Welcome to our dedicated page for boxing class for kids near me, where we provide a nurturing and safe environment for young aspiring boxers aged 4 to 13. Understanding the importance of physical activity in the growth and development of children, our boxing program is designed to instill discipline, enhance fitness levels, and promote self-confidence among participants. Our aim is to guide parents through the journey of introducing their children to the world of boxing, detailing how our classes work and the myriad benefits they offer.

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Join us for Kids Boxing Classes near me on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5pm. ages 4 to 13, No experience required!

Our kids classes at Eastern Block Boxing in Los Angeles are designed to help your kids enjoy the exercise while learning  defensive and offensive boxing skills. We welcome all levels of boxing skills from beginner to advanced, our professional boxing coaches hold the titles to guide your kids through a meaningful boxing class, one at a time. Based on age and skill level, children are placed in the appropriate group to ensure they receive the right level of training and attention.

Boxing Classes for Kids
in Los Angels

The Kids Boxing Classes Exercise:

1 hour workout includes cardio and boxing lessons by our professional boxing trainers in LA. Learning technique is important, especially at a young age. We take all kids boxing classes serious following safety protocols while maintaining a fun energy all around.

Contact us to sign up for Kids Boxing Classes in Los Angeles. We provide a safe space for kids and teens to learn boxing & have fun.