Boxing Class Schedule and Pricing

$250 - $200 Adult Group classes Per MOnth

Attend 2 or 3 classes per week. That is 8 or 12 classes per month.

$200 FOR Kids Boxing classes Per MOnth

Ages 13-18. Attend 2 classes per week, 8 per month


1-hour sessions with an expert boxing coach. Request time today.

$35 Single Group Classes

Pay as you attend. Check out the times for group classes below

Weekly Class Schedule

7:30 AM - Monday, Wednesday, FRIDAY (All)

8:00 AM - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (All)

10:00 AM - Saturday (Female)

5:00 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (Kids)

7:00 PM - Monday Wednesday, Friday (ALL)

7:00 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (ALL)

8:30 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (Female)

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Eastern Block Boxing Gym
Additional Offerings

Complete Gym Access - Membership

For $150 per month, you get total access to gym equipment. Our boxing gym holds weights,  bench, punching bags, and boxing ring.

VIP Total Access - Membership $300

For $300 per month, you get 3 group classes per week + total access to gym equipment. Select the time slot or customize your schedule to your availability to meet your athletic goals.