STUDIO CITY BOXING GYM Class Schedule and Membership Pricing


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    Boxing Technique
    Dive deep into the art of boxing with guidance from trainers who live and breathe the sport. From perfecting the devastating impact of your jabs and uppercuts to strength and conditioning for improved footwork. Join our group classes or train 1:1 today.
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    Classes Designed for Every Fighter
    No matter your experience level or fighting style, Eastern Block Boxing is the space of support to your athletic success. Our classes cater to everyone, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience across the board.
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    Together as One, A Community
    No politics. No skin color. No nationality, only boxing. Join a gym where we help each other success, because together, we win. We are a family of entrepreneurs, professionals, and Olympic champions. We welcome all to our Studio City boxing gym.

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LA boxing Gym near me in Studio City

Only $35 Per Class

Pay as you attend our adult group classes. 60 to 90 minutes of intense boxing technique + fitness

$250 - $200 Adult Group classes Per MOnth

Attend 2 or 3 classes per week. That is 8 or 12 classes per month.

$200 FOR Kids Boxing classes Per MOnth

Ages 13-18. Attend 2 classes per week, 8 per month


1-hour sessions with an expert boxing coach. Request time today.

Weekly Class Schedule

7:30 AM - Monday, Wednesday, FRIDAY (All)

8:00 AM - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (All)

10:00 AM - Saturday (Female)

5:00 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (Kids)

7:00 PM - Monday Wednesday, Friday (ALL)

7:00 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (ALL)

8:30 PM - Tuesday & Thursday (Female)

Eastern Block Boxing Gym
Additional Offerings

Complete Gym Access - Membership

For $150 per month, you get total access to gym equipment. Our boxing gym holds weights,  bench, punching bags, and boxing ring.

VIP Total Access - Membership $300

For $300 per month, you get 3 group classes per week + total access to gym equipment. Select the time slot or customize your schedule to your availability to meet your athletic goals.